The right place for you

Know a little bit more about our differentials.


All of our apartments as well as the Deck, the restaurant and the lobby has wireless internet. This is one more facility for you, who even when travelling wants to stay connected. And the best: totally free of charge.


Always thinking on delivering high quality services to everyone, our hotel is totally suitable to Special Need Bearers. We dispose of access ramp, social toilets and even an fully adapted apartment to these people. It is the guarantee of your right to come and go with no worries.


We are aware that any company causes impacts to the environment. Therefore, we simply try to do our part.

Our water heating is done totally by solar energy, all the apartments has energy saver devices, we separate the organic from the inorganic trash to recycle, our used oil is not disposed on the sink, correct destinations to batteries, lamps and besides all that we share a constant concern about avoiding wastes.