About us

At Araçá Praia Flat condominium you feel at home. With a structure that only a flat can provide, the proposal is to offer a high quality service, with personalized service, combined with the comfort and practicality you deserve. Here our goal is to make you feel at home. This is the humanization process that Condomínio Araçá Praia Flat has to offer.

Why Araçá?

Araçá or, ‘Psidium araçá Raddi, is the fruit of the Araçazeiro (Araçá Tree) a very common tree from the Mirtacea’s family (the same as the guava), which is typical and, therefore, really usual on the “tabuleiros” terrains, those ones made of white and soft sand, next to the sea. To put it in another words, this fruit was often seen - formerly - close to the Natal beaches, and specially behind of the famous ‘Morro do Careca’, which is the most known tourist spot of our city.

For this reason, to greet one memory common only to the natives of our land, but which was kept hidden behind a such known scenery, the name was so chosen. It had been born the concept of the Araçá Praia Flat’s name.