Natal Tourism

Forget the pollution and insecurity. Natal is the capital of the Rio Grande do Norte, the state located more to the east of all South America, and where you can found the biggest cashew tree (“cajueiro”) of the world. Our state has over 410Km of coast, full of beaches with remarkable beauties.

Its capital is known as “city of the sun”, because here, 300 days are sunny out of one year. Natal, a city with pleasant and nice citizens is the piece of earth with the purest air of America’s continent, and the second of the World, according to NASA. Besides that, recently it has been given to Natal, by the IPEA (Applied Economics Research Institute), the status of “The safest capital of Brazil”!! As if those thing wasn’t enough, here is located the second biggest urban forest park of the country, the “Parque das Dunas”.

Out of the beaches in Natal, without a doubt the best choice is Ponta Negra. Gifted with sun all year long, with its pleasant and suitable to bath sea, and a fascinating sunset, here is the place where is located the “Morro do Careca” icon of the city. Ponta Negra has the advantage of being at the best location inside the city, surrounded by everything you may need to fully enjoy your holiday. And, at the best spot of Ponta Negra, there is the Araçá Praia Flat: The right place for you!

Staying at the Araçá means that you can walk on the beach’s sidewalk anytime, you can go out and enjoy historic monuments or regional handcraft, go on a buggy ride on the dunes, have a unforgettable ride on a camel, to visit the natural corals on a environment preservation area, have fun at the “aerobunda/esquibunda”, or even taste spectacular foods - which goes from regional dishes until fancy dishes - in every kind of restaurants.